State Licenses:

Texas Licenses:
TACLA 27439E
TACLA 009784E

Oklahoma License:
Oklahoma License: #161914

Louisiana License:
Louisiana License: #48173 (Mechanical Work Statewide)

New Mexico License:
New Mexico Contractor's License: #350539

Pikes Peak Regional
Building Department

Mechanical A* (HVAC)
ID #20012
City and County of
License #243591

State of Texas HUB Certification: #1260830062500

Contact Info:

Encore Mechanical
9201 Brown Ln., Ste. 141
Austin, Texas 78754

Mailing Address:
P.O. Box 142683
Austin, Texas 78714

Phone: (512) 339-3012
Fax: (512) 339-3148

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