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Encore Efficiency Solutions Department
Advanced Planned Maintenance Programs: Commercial (including non-profit) & Residential Utilizing the latest in Energy Efficiency Diagnostics & Short Payback Improvements by Professionals Trained in EPA Version 3 Standards

Encore is a participating company in the Austin Energy Power Saver Program and other Central Texas Utility’s ( Residential and Commercial Energy Efficiency Programs, performing all efficiency services involving rebates and tax credits. Encore Mechanical is one of the few service providers assuring a “one-stop destination” for all weatherization and energy efficiency needs. Encore’s pricing structure is designed to offer the best quality products at the best prices while maximizing rebates, tax credits and other governmental and private funding sources.

Residential & Commercial Products & Services Include:
  • Heating, Ventilation, & Air Conditioning Installation

  • Professional HVAC Design, Sales & Service

  • Air Filtration Systems

  • Whole System Performance Testing

  • Low cost Energy Star Ultra Low-E windows & doors

  • Solar rooftop & ground mount photo voltaic array

  • Solar thermal, tankless & Energy Star water heaters

  • Attic insulation & access covers for stairs & hatches

  • Whole Building weatherization & sealing

  • Weather stripping exterior doors

  • Window & door awning & trellis structures

  • Rain water collection

  • Energy Star compact fluorescent light bulbs

  • Energy Star kitchen appliances

  • Carbon monoxide and smoke detectors

Energy Efficiency Rebates:

Austin Energy, other area utilities and the IRS are offering numerous energy efficiency rebates designed to reduce your upfront expenses. Encore will work with you to maximize these rebates while meeting your personalized energy efficiency needs:

Energy Star 2020 IRS Tax Credit (2020):

  • Windows and Doors, Water Heaters (non-solar), Roofs (metal and asphalt), Insulation, HVAC, and Biomass Stoves—10% of cost up to $500

  • Solar Energy Systems, Small Wind Turbines (Residential), Geothermal Heat Pumps—30% of cost with no upper limit

Austin Energy Programs: (Click on link to confirm current offering since incentives sometimes change)

  • Solar Photovoltaic (PV) Loan — Up to $20,000 through Velocity or Star of Texas Credit Union. Covers purchase and installation costs

  • Residential Solar PV Rebates — $3.00 per watt, up to $18,000 per site each year, and up to $50,000 total

  • Commercial and Multifamily Solar PV Rebates — Paid quarterly for ten years, and depending on the Performance Based Incentive is $0.14 and up to $0.175 per kWh

  • Home Performance with Energy Star® Loan — Unsecured low-interest loan will cover air conditioners, heat pumps, Low E glass installation, attic radiant barrier material, attic insulation, AC ducts, caulking around plumbing, and weather stripping around doors

  • Home Performance with Energy Star® Rebate — Up to 20% or more of the cost of certain improvements. Covers air conditioners, heat pumps, Low E glass, attic barrier/reflective material, caulking and weather stripping

  • Air Conditioning Rebates — For homes 10 years or older, rebates are available for air conditioners, heat pumps, solar and heat recovery water heaters

  • Solar Water Heater Rebate and Tax Credit — Rebates from $1,500-2,000 and tax credit of $750-1,000

  • Small Business Rebates and Incentives — For small businesses and non-profits, a $300 rebate for a 11 EER-rated air conditioner, up to 70% rebate for installed cost of new lighting, up to $0.80 per square foot rebate for window tinting, and a $0.30 per square foot rebate for reflective roof coating

  • Multi-Family Rebates — Rebates up to $100,000 and utility savings up to 40%. Rebates cover Low E window replacements, solar screens, solar film, ceiling and roof insulation, reflective roof coating, air duct systems, HVAC systems, and lighting systems

  • Variable Speed Pool Pump and Motor Rebate — Up to $200, these pumps can save up to 60% on energy costs and reduce maintenance

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